Спектакль "Лес"
Stunts at the Moscow Art Theater

In any theatrical production, the key characters are undoubtedly the actors, and the most important result is the audience’s impressions of what they saw. To enhance the effect of the production, modern directors use not only moving scenery – transformers and media effects, but also resort to the services of stuntmen. Previously, wooden structures, heavy […]

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Children of “Rosatom” flew together with stuntmen.

In December 2020, the stuntmen of the Studio took part in a unique film project “Rosatom” with the participation of talented children.The Nuclear Kids project is an international children’s creative project organized by the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. The NucKids project is designed to strengthen friendly ties between the children of employees of nuclear […]

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"Любовь без размеров"
Svetlana Khodchenkova – fellow stuntmen

In 2020, more than 10 films were released with the participation of the Studio’s stuntmen. One of them is called “Love without size”.The film directed by Masha Shulgina, cinematographer Sergey Mokritsky. The film was shot in Moscow and Kislovodsk. In leading roles starring Svetlana Khodchenkova, Maxim lagashkin, Ivan Kolesnikov, Sofia Lebedeva, Irina Demidkina, Yan GE, […]

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Stunt jump from the roof. Shooting a music video
Stuntmen and Alexander Revva “Broke free”

Showman and artist Alexander Revva, who performs under the pseudonym Artur Pirozhkov, released a new video for the song “Dance me”. The new hit of this quarantine summer!The idea of the video: people who have stayed at home, break free and dance, using all sorts of dance directions: from ballet to hip-hop.The Director of the […]

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"The man from Podolsk" is one against all!
“The man from Podolsk” is one against all!

The shooting of the film “Man from Podolsk” by the film company “New people”has ended. The film “the Man from Podolsk” is an adaptation of the famous play of the same name by Dmitry Danilov.The Director of the film Semyon Serzin in 2018 on the stage of the theater named after Fyodor Volkov put on […]

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«(НЕ) Идеальный мужчина» – идеальные трюки!
“(NOT) the Perfect man ” – perfect tricks.

For more than a decade, the Studio’s stuntmen, under the direction of stunt Coordinator Alexey Silkin, have been working on the projects of film Director Marius Weisberg. The Director, who has made such films as” Love in the Big city”, “Grandmother of easy behavior,” Flyaway crew”, likes to shoot sparkling, funny, and most importantly, trick […]

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Съемки клиппа Александра Реввы

The stunt performers of the studio took part in staging and performing stunts in two popular music videos of the Russian showman ALEXANDER REVA. Music videos “Alcoholic woman” and “Aladdin” have been at the top of the charts for several weeks now. Working with Alexander is always interesting. He is a professional of the highest […]

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The film of Andron Konchalovsky “Dear comrades”

Director Andrei Konchalovsky has finished the shooting of the film “Dear Comrades,” about the tragic events of 1962 in Novocherkassk. The shooting took place in Moscow and in the Rostov region. The film is unique because of black-and-white picture, non-modern frame size (almost square) and the shooting method. The director used a multi-camera method of […]

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Премия "Альтер Эго" На фото Александр Иншаков.
Studio Stuntmen received three prestigious awards “Alter Ego”

On April 29, the Second ceremony of awarding the winners of the professional award of The Guild of stuntmen of Russia “Alter Ego” for the best tricks in the cinema of 2018 was held in the Great hall of the House of cinema. The “Alter Ego” award is designed to celebrate the invaluable contribution of […]

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Фильм "Волшебник"
Ended shooting the movie “the Wizard”

Studio stuntmen has completed work on feature film “Volshebnik”, Studio RSS Produchion. The film tells about the relationship of people in opposite situations: on the one hand it is a rock musician Fima (Maxim Sukhanov), on the other a teenager Roma (semen Treskunov), suffering from cerebral palsy. The film genre is a musical comedy. The […]

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