«Stunt Effects Studio» provides the full range of services for spectacular stunts and cool action

«Stunt Effects Studio»

A team of professional stuntmen includes experienced performers and coordinators of stunts of any complexity, pyrotechnicians, stunt technicians, experts on special effects and others, who are all essential for the development and staging of impressive and safe stunts. The stuntmen and other personnel of our studio have great experience in shooting, we have been here since 1989. We have our own material and technical base, equipped with all necessary transport, equipment, properties, technical facilities and other attributes for high-quality and safe stunt shooting of any complexity.

Organization, Shooting and Execution

We are engaged in organizing, shooting and performing of stunts and various action scenes, making them not just spectacular ones, but also as realistic as possible, which make the audience to hold their breath and keep their eyes on the screens to view all the happenings. In so doing, we ensure the complete safety of the stuntmen and all those present on the set, we perform all the work with high quality and in time. Both professional approach and thorough preparation ensure the development of stunt scenes within the required time frame without prolonging the shooting process.

Accessto execution

All stuntmen in our studio are insured people and they are members of the Guild of Stuntmen. All of them have special permissions to perform or stage stunts, they have been certified as required by the professional standards. In our studio we have qualified specialists for the highest level performing of stunts of various kinds and of any complexity.

The professionals of the Stunt Effects Studio are engaged in

  1. Development, staging, coordination and execution of stunts of all kinds and of any complexity for shooting movies, TV programs and shows, advertising and for various events. We work with the script and do the storyboard, select places and platforms for stunt performances shooting, help to get permission to make shooting.
  2. Actors training. We prepare actors for stunts shooting, we stage fight scenes, various battles, fencing in the gym, we teach stunts on horseback, falls, including fall from a height, driving different means of transport and other skills necessary to develop action scenes and stage realistic stunts.
  3. Professional technical support of staging and shooting processes, including the provision of transport for the stunts and its preparation before shooting.
  4. Preparation and submission of all necessary documents for making stunt shooting. We are engaged in the execution of contracts and we also make other practical arrangements.
  5. Stunts pre-shooting. We shoot stunt scenes on video so that the customer is able to see the work of our professionals in advance and evaluate the quality of the staging and performance of the stunts. We help to make the assembling of stunt scenes.

Our works

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We also provide other services necessary for high-quality and professional development of spectacular and realistic stunt scenes. You can use the contact details to ask all the questions raised and discuss the terms of cooperation.

We offer the following stunt works

  • stunts at the height;
  • scenes with fencing, fights, acrobatic stunts and stunts on the moving transport vehicles;
  • underwater stunts - the studio members have internationally recognized certificates and permissions for under-ice stunt works;
  • shooting and performing of stunts with different means of transport - cars, motorcycles, floating craft;
  • stunt scenes with cables, including flying and plucking out;
  • stunts on horseback;
  • shooting of action scenes with the use of pyrotechnic devices and fire – our specialists have permission to use pyrotechnics, as well as certificates of pyrotechnicians and powdermen.


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