The shooting of the film “The Milk of birds”

Дублер и актер. Съемки фильма "Молоко птицы"

In Pridnestrovie, the Russian film Studio “Koktebel”, known for a number of successful projects of the author’s cinema, shoots the film “Milk of the bird” by the young Director Yevgeny Maryan. Some scenes filmed in Dubossary, there is the stunt Studios took part in the stunt scenes of the film. In the film residents of Transnistria are also filmed along with professional actors.
The story in the film about the Transnistrian guy, his conflict with himself, the desire to leave his native land. This is a story about the guys who survived a critical difficult time of the 90s. The plot has a lot of allegories, and certainly will impress the audience.

The shooting of the film “The Milk of birds” Working time of filming